Thursday, October 3, 2013

Impacted by the government shut down

We're camping at the Fallon, Nevada, Naval Air Station Fam Camp.  We arrived early this afternoon and planned to pick up a few things at the commissary (military grocery store) and the exchange (military department store) and do some laundry.  Because of the government shut down, however, commissaries and exchanges are closed.  

On a scale of 1 to 10, our not being able to shop on base is about a minus 20.  And the town of Fallon (with lots of stores) is only about 8 miles away for folks who live on this base.  But I feel sorry for families who live in places like Yuma, AZ, and have to drive 25 miles to stock up on food after serving their country all day, not to mention people who will miss pay checks or not be admitted to possibly-life-saving medical programs.  

Do what you were elected and are being paid to do, Congress, and figure it out. This is stupid.  

Anyway... we left Petaluma yesterday morning and are now headed east and officially on our way home to Salt Lake City for a few weeks.  We wanted to stay at Donner Memorial State Park near Truckee, but their campground is closed for the season.  So we spent last night at Thousand Trails Snowflower RV Resort near Emigrant Gap, CA. Thousand Trails promotes itself as a "family camping resort" and sells what they call "zone passes."  Members pay $525 for 12 months of camping in one geographic area and can camp as much as they like, subject to some restrictions.  For example, you can't stay in one park more than 14 consecutive days and you ave to wait seven days between park visits.  I don't think it would work for us -- we travel a little too much by the seat of our pants.  But last night's camping spot (Thousand Trails lets non members camp when space is available) was rustic and lovely.

This afternoon we arrived at Fallon, home to the Naval Fighters Weapon School, also known as TOPGUN. That's on Wikipedia so I doubt that I'm giving away any government secrets.
Wednesday morning:  Turkeys were pecking on a nearby ball field when we hooked up our tow car to the motor home before leaving Petaluma.  A deer had been with them, but was spooked when we got out of the vehicles.  He's still in the photo to the right near a chain link fence, but hard to see.
Wednesday night: Our campsite at Snowflower RV resort near the eastern California town of Emigrant Springs.  We had our choice of two campgrounds.  One was called "The Cliffs" and was essentially a parking lot with, what else, a big cliff  nearby.  The big Class A rigs were parked there.  We stayed in a hillier area called "Fawn Meadow" with more space between the rigs, prettier views (we thought) and, obviously, lots of trees  
We couldn't have back up too much further without serious repercussions. 
Just what Jim wants in a camp site:  a view of water and trees out the back of the rig.  The camp manager told us bears were around and I was hoping to see one amble by (while I was safely in the rig) but no such luck.  Lots of noisy squirrels, though.
Thursday morning: We left Snowflower Resort and headed east about 120 miles to Fallon, NV.  This shot was taken soon after we got on I-80, where we saw lots of mountains, lots of trees, and lots of orange barrels.
After trees and mountains on I-80 came Reno....
...then fewer trees and browner mountains...
...then a flatter landscape as we got on US 50 toward Naval Air Station Fallon.  
And Thursday afternoon: Our spot at the Naval Air Station Fallon's Fam Camp.  It's about 8 p.m. as I write this, and I can hear the fighter jets. 
From the other direction, a little more authentic view of what the campground really looks like: a big gravel lot with cement pads.  But it also has electricity, water, wifi, cable TV, lots of space between sites, and a laundry.  And pretty clouds.


  1. Guess it's a good time to be heading home to SLC since parks and campsites are closed. I haven't heard of anyone on Congress offering to give up their paychecks.

  2. Hi Trud. Glad you made it through the weather without a tornado alert from Jim.