Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fallon, NV, then going home

We are on our way home.  After Fallon, we were going to make three stops on our way to Salt Lake City. The last stop was going to be Wendover.  If you are into gambling, Wendover is the closest city to Salt Lake where you can partake.  We're not into gambling.  And we've been to Wendover before.  So tonight it's Winnemucca, then Wells, then right by Wendover and on to home.  We'll stay in Salt Lake for a few weeks before we take off again.  We don't yet know where we'll be going, except that it will be south and most likely include Tucson. 

In the meantime:  Yesterday we spent day two in Fallon, Nevada.  First we had breakfast at a great little cafe, then we explored a petroglyph site, then we got our flu shots.   At the pharmacy where we got the shots, we watched through a glass door as a Doogie-Howser-looking pharmacist carried the supplies toward us and dropped the syringes.  He came out the door, put his stuff down on a chair, then turned back toward the pharmacy to, I assume, get new syringes, and fumbled and fumbled with his key while trying to open the pharmacy door. After getting new syringes, he came back to the waiting area but had apparently forgotten something.  He grabbed for the door so he could go back in before it locked, but missed and the door slammed shut.  So he fumbled with the key some more and went back in. At that point Jim and I were ready to bolt.  But once the pharmacist got over his preparation discombobulation, he did a good job.(He told us he practiced on oranges.)

This morning we took off for Winnemucca. We're not going to see much of the town, other than the view of town on our way to the RV park.  This is a one-night stop and we didn't even unhook the tow car from the rig. But here area a few facts about Winnemucca from Wikipedia: The town was named for a local Indian chief and Winnemucca means "One Moccasin."  Butch Cassidy's gang robbed a bank here in 1890.  According to an article called "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Prostitution In Nevada," sex workers in Winnemucca must register their cars with the local police. Winnemucca is home to the world's largest potato dehydration plant.  Big employers here are mining, trailer manufacturing and casinos.
My veggie omelet at the Courtyard Cafe and Bakery in downtown Fallon, Nevada.
We hiked at Grimes Point, 12 miles east of Fallon, where 150 of the hundreds and hundreds of boulders contain rock art.  A sign at the site said the petroglyphs date between 5000 BC and 1500 AD and that they were created as part of a ritual performed before hunts. They think.
View at the top of Grimes Point.
A sign at the trailhead rest room at Grimes Point.  After just four days of government shutdown, the smell was obvious.
Meanwhile, back at Naval Air Station Fallon:  Fighter jets fly low over one of the base roads, so you need to watch where you are driving.
This is what will fly right in front of your car while you are waiting at the yellow flashing lights.  
This morning's drive to Winnemucca had scenery like a lot of eastern Nevada: flat and brown with mountains in the distance. Austere beauty.
And here we are wedged between other rigs at the Hi Desert RV Park in Winnemucca. Not our usual cup of tea for a campground, but it's clean and just for tonight.  Instead of sightseeing, we're watching Ohio State play Northwestern. OSU won 40-30 but the game was lots closer than the score indicated.

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