Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finally on the road: Grand Teton National Park

After three months in Salt Lake City, we finally took off in our motor home on Monday.  Jim outlined the trip since he’s the “big picture guy."  Our first stop was going to be in Victor, Idaho, until the detail person (that's Bev) read that between Victor and Grand Teton National Park, (our next planned stop) was a mountain pass with a 10 percent grade. We probably could have done it. But instead of worrying, we planned a different route and spent last night at Rim Station, a small RV park just north of Pinedale, Wyoming, where I had the nicest RV park welcome I’ve ever had when the manager’s four-year-old grandson greeted me with a big hug.

Today we got up early and drove to the Tetons.  I’ve only been here once before a long, long time ago.  I don’t remember much about the trip except it was Fourth of July weekend and I was tent camping while wearing a down parka. Jim once drove through but has never camped here before.  It’s only a five-hour car drive from Salt Lake, so we must be crazy.

Today's weather was lovely.  We hiked near Jackson Lake, checked out the marina, drove around the other campsites at Coulter Bay Campground where we are staying, and then -- because this is bear country -- reread the directions of the bear spray we always carry with us. It expired in 2011.  Maybe we’ll buy a new can tomorrow.
Jaywalking geese in Jackson, Wyoming (as seen through a very dirty rig window.)
There was a lot of highway construction north of Jackson.  We actually served as the "pilot car" for this long line of vehicles and lead the group to the next stop.
Our first view of the Tetons. Early French explorers named the three largest peaks les trios tétons, or "the three breasts." (Crazy French guys.) The tallest peak rises 13,770 feet.
Shortly before we got to our campsite, we saw our first bison.
Our camping spot at Coulter Bay. We were surprised at how many campsites are empty.


  1. We really enjoyed the Tetons and the town of Jackson.

    1. Hey you two! Thought of you when we almost went to Victor, ID. Hope the new grandparents are doing well. We're having a great time here at GTNP.

  2. Yes Bev, you are a little crazy. But, we always thought you knew it.

    1. Carl! I hope you and the grand urchins had a great time on your western car trip. We've thought of you a lot this summer and we will get together. I'm looking for where to underline for emphasis the word "will" but don't see it.

    2. Oh!, we did enjoy our trip!! The Utah leg (including that part of Utah that, by all rights, extend into Colorado) was truly awesome, and awe emoting. And, we did delight in our time in your home city. Next year we start in SLC and end up in San Francisco, we will have then done route 50 coast to coast.

      We look forward to seeing you when your travel gets you somewhere close, at least east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason Dixon line!