Friday, October 17, 2014

In Utah for a bit

We're home in Salt Lake City. We've actually been here about a week, and will probably stay through the end of the month. We're itching to get on the road, but our grand children have a Halloween parade at my daughter's office October 31 and I'd like to see that. So if the weather stays moderate we'll remain in SLC through Halloween.  If the weather turns, we might head south.

In the meantime, some of the things we've done since out last post:

On our way home, spent a couple of days in Boise and one night in Snowville, Utah.

Celebrated a fifth birthday with granddaughter Mia.  

Got reinforcement  that 2-year-old grandson Marshall is a big Ninja Turtle fan when I tried to dress him in a non-Ninja shirt. Did not go well.

Cleaned our tow car and rig.

Cooked a lot, as Jim's current food intake has considerable decreased my on-the-road cooking duties. (We jokingly refer to it as the "oatmeal, watermelon and beer diet" after his three constant foods.  But it's working -- he's lost 30 pounds.)  Our daughter and SIL are both runners and are willing to eat more than Jim does, so it's been fun for me to experiment.

Spent time with friends and are looking forward to doing more of that.

In Boise we took in some sights, including the state capitol (above) and cafes and shops in the towns 8th street area. Boise's population is 214,000 which makes it bigger than Salt Lake.  That surprised me, but Salt Lake City's metro area is larger (969,000 for SLC versus 617,000 for Boise).
The Jackson Building in downtown Boise was kind of cool looking. While in Boise we camped at Boise's Riverside RV Park; it wasn't much as RV parks go (gravel parking spots, cracked cement "porches" as they called the small patios between spaces.)  But we were  right next to the Boise Greenbelt, a 25-mile hiking/biking/walking path that follows the Boise River.
Bev with a sampler tray at Sockeye brewery in Boise. 
My sampler tray when I was all done, presented as proof that I didn't drink all all of them (and Jim drank at least two).  Am I sounding defensive? 
After Boise we spent a night at the Lottie-Dell campground in Snowville, Utah (just five miles from the Idaho border) before heading home.  That's our rig and tow car to the right. We got to Salt Lake at 1:30 the next day; by 3: 30 we'd unpacked and taken the RV back to our storage lot.  We've got the system down -- at least this time.
A neighbor at Lottie-Dell.
Grandson Marshall peering at me through a sliding glass door.
The birthday girl and her birthday breakfast.
Coincidentally there was a "princess party" held on Mia's birthday at a local high school. The kids got a cupcake and a glass of punch, plus a program put on by ten "princesses" including Snow White, Elsa from Frozen, Rapunzel and Tinkerbelle, the latter of which I did not think was a princess, but oh well. I wasn't too excited about the idea of 200 little girls ages 2 to 10 hearing words of wisdom from cartoon princesses.  But they said things like "to be a princess you need to follow your dream, be true to yourself, etc, etc," so the message was better than expected. Kind of like Oprah for kids.
Mia (center front) not paying much attention to a visiting princess.