Monday, November 3, 2014

On the road and blogging

We on the road and blogging once again.  Not without a few problems, however.

We planned to leave Saturday, November 1, but the weather forecast changed to windy with predicted 60 mph gusts.  So we pushed our departure back a day.

Saturday night we hooked up the tow car to the rig so all we’d have to do was attach the electrical cord and the brake, then be on our way Sunday morning.  But I not only left the key in the car, but in the on position, which killed the battery. That added "jumping the battery" to our Sunday morning to-do list.  

We decided we’d drive separately for a while to charge the battery, with Jim in the rig and me in the tow car. Just before the rest stop in Scipio, Utah -- where we planned to get gasoline and hook up the tow car -- a coyote ran in front of the rig.  There was nothing Jim could do but hit it. From my vantage point several hundred yards behind the rig, I saw Jim swerve slightly, after which the coyote and his innards rocketed out underneath our motor home. Jim felt bad -- in all the driving he did for the Oregon State Department of Forestry, not to mention in our RV -- he's never hit and killed an animal other than a bird. 

After that there was snow and sleet -- sometimes coming down pretty hard -- for much of the remaining 190 miles.

But now we are in in southern Utah's beautiful Snow Canyon State Park surrounded by red cliffs, black lava flows and sage.  And today's weather forecast says sunny with a high a 58. 

Where the poor coyote contacted our RV.  Looks like we'll be getting repair work done soon.
When we reserved a spot at Snow Canyon State Park, the website said the campsite we were looking at was narrow and that it might be difficult to use slides or awnings.  That's not a problem for us, but we also had to maneuver around just to be able to open our door.
But we like Snow Canyon; it's beautiful.  Here's one view from the campground.

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