Saturday, December 27, 2014

A couple of Christmas photos

We had a fun Christmas Eve (stayed up until 1:30 in the morning playing a card game called 31 and also Cards Against Humanity with our daughter and SIL, plus Shad's sister and spouse Jessica) and a wonderful Christmas.  Luckily the kids did not get up too early, so we opened gifts about 9:30.  In the afternoon we had dinner at the home of our friends John and Deb. 

If the weather cooperates, we'll head back to Arizona Monday.  It's been a nice visit.

Annual holiday matching PJs photo.  Left to right top row:  SIL Shad, daughter Ashley, Bev and Jim.  In front are grandchildren Mia and Marshall.
Marshall got a Ninja turtle doll to go with the ninja turtle shirt he has worn every day since last September (he will wear PJs at night,  however, so his Mom can launder the shirt.
Granddaughter Mia got a ukulele from her Uncle Paul in Ohio.

While the weather has been fairly warm and clear (for December in Salt Lake City) since we arrived, this photo of our mailbox was taken Christmas morning.  Another snowy blast starts tonight.

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