Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chilly (a bit) in Yuma

As planned, we left Salt Lake City for Yuma Monday morning.  It was only snowing lightly, but colder, snowier weather was predicted for the next few days -- not just in Salt Lake, but also in Cedar City and Las Vegas which were on our route.  Per Jim, forecasters in SLC are also predicting a wind chill dropping temps to minus 25 to minus 40 tonight.  Ouch.  Glad we left when we did.

For the most part the roads were OK.  But in Utah County -- especially in the Provo-Orem area -- it looked like I-15 hadn't even been plowed.

We spent Monday night in Henderson, NV, just south of Las Vegas, at a Hawthorne Suites.  Not fancy, but it's dog friendly, clean, and barely off our route.

The  big story on the Las Vegas TV stations was a predicted New Years' Eve snowstorm.  Reporters were passing along ideas on how to save your desert plants (wrap them in old fashioned Christmas lights) and pointers on how to avoid hypothermia while partying on the strip (dress in layers and don't forget hats and gloves; my advice, however is: stay home.)  Jim just checked the Las Vegas weather and it's 31 but feels like 19. If it feels like 19, my party is definitely moving indoors.

Meanwhile, we arrived in Yuma yesterday afternoon, where it's a chilly 43 as I write and a little windy.  It's winter-jacket-but-no-boots weather.

Happy New Year everyone!

Driving on I-15 near Provo's Center Street exit about 9:30 Monday morning.  Did Provo forget to collect taxes for snow removal or something?
Highway 95 going south toward Yuma. Much more pleasant.


  1. Jim and Bev, I found your blog while looking up information about Mittry Lake in Yuma to kayak.. My husband is retired Air Force and we just started in September, fulltime Rving for the next three years. We are researching coming to the Desert Breeze Travel Camp next year for a month or so and wondered if you could help us know about the wifi situation. Is it good? Also I read that areas of Mittry lake are closed from Nov -Feb annually. Do you happen to know how we would know where those areas are?
    Perhaps if you return there next winter we could meet up and spend a day kayaking?
    Thanks for your blog
    Bill and Rosalyn Chapman

    1. Hi Bill and Rosalyn,

      So nice to “meet” you and we are happy to respond. This is Bev typing. The wifi at Desert Breeze is decent. Jim had no trouble at all connecting with his iPad. I occasionally could not get a fast connection with my MacBook Air and then used our Verizon router. Bottom line, however, the wifi is much better at Desert Breeze than most places we’ve camped -- it may depend on how close you are to their router, however. As for Mittry Lake, we’ve never had trouble getting access but have seen a few areas marked as closed with buoys and signs.

      A note about Desert Breeze: This year the campground was pretty full by Thanksgiving, so it may be hard -- but not impossible -- to get a spot in early 2016. We just left yesterday for Tucson, and I’m sure someone else drove into our spot within hours. Desert Breeze does not take reservations, but you can call the office and ask about availability.

      Another nearby military campground is Lake Martinez Recreation Facility. It’s right on the lake and actually has some sites right on the water. We have never stayed there, but have kayaked from there and it’s a great paddle-- we saw lots of pelicans. LMRF does take reservations -- they don’t have sewer, nor or dump site, but I think there is a dump site a few miles away. It’s a more “rustic” than Desert Breeze and there are no commissary/Exchange/Express.

      Right now we are at Davis Monthan in Tucson. No kayaking here, but Tucson is a great town and the campground is nice. DM does not take reservations but has a fair "rotation" system that gets you a spot pretty quickly if they are full. Lousy wifi, though.

      Hope we meet you down the road. Do let us know if you go to Desert Breeze.

      Jim and Bev

  2. Happy Birthday Bev. Sandy and I still see you as that 19 year old co-ed. Of course that is in our hearts, our brains know that your are actually somewhere around 40.

    Go Bucks!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes and impaired brains:) Must be from all the Hop'n Gator!