Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Walking on my tippy toes

This post isn't as exciting as our last one. Thank goodness.

Since I (Bev) have been back in Tucson, Jim and I have made a return trip to Barrio Brewing because Jim loves their fish tacos (not to mention their beer), visited Dragoon Brewing, attended an eat-street-tacos-and-meet-the-new-RV-park-manager event here at the Davis Monthan Fam Camp, and made a trip to Tucson's Fourth Avenue area. Fourth Avenue is Tucson's hipster place with funky shops, restaurants, bars, thrift stores, a food co-op, tattoo parlors, and lots of folks on skateboards. It's one national chain is Dairy Queen; the day we visited was DQ's anniversary and we each got one of the free ice cream cones they gave out.

We've also kept up our gym routine. Which we need after tacos, beer and ice cream. Monday I did a leg exercise I hadn't done for a long time and didn't think much about it. Afterwards we walked up and down Fourth Avenue. Yesterday I went to a mall and walked a lot but nothing out of the ordinary.  

Not long after getting back from the mall both my calves suddenly cramped up.The only way I could walk was on my tip toes. Today I can slowly and gingerly walk on my toes or wearing shoes with a heel. Note to self: When at the gym, go easy on the calf raises.

Below are some family shots I took while in Ohio, plus one taken in Tucson. They have absolutely nothing to do with what I just wrote -- I just wanted to include them because someday I am going to print out our blog and want to include these photo memories .

My brother Bob, Mom and me.  Bob and I both have degrees from Ohio State. Our younger brother, Don, went to the University of Colorado and says the letters on our hats could stand for Totally Hedonistic and Egotistical. That's funny, but Bob and I disagree.
My son Paul with his Grandma (my Mom).  Paul lives in Lakewood, Ohio, and plans to move to California soon. Love you, Paulie and Mom. 
Paul, Mom and me.
Not technically family, but pretty darn close:  My high school friend, Sally.
Meanwhile, back in Tucson:  The morning after I got back from Ohio, my cousin's daughter, Chris, and her family stopped to visit us at Davis Monthan.  They are currently in El Paso, where Chris's Army husband, Jimmy, is attending training at Fort Bliss.  Chris, Jimmy and their boys were driving through Tucson on their way back from a Grand Canyon camping trip. Tent camping. In the snow.  These guys are hardy.  From left to right:  Chris, sons Zak, Jake and Austin, and Jimmy. 


  1. Your brother Don forgets that at THE Ohio State University we did not bother to learn such big words. His attempt at humor goes right over our heads, and leaves us the happy morons we always were.

    1. Even after yesterday's basketball game, I still wore my "THE" hat this morning because it's always "THE" university to me. And because it was only basketball.