Friday, March 27, 2015

It could have been even more confusing

We almost went to the wrong campground this week. It was my (Bev’s) bad.

Jim is the big picture guy who says things like “Hey, here’s a campground we could go to.” I’m the detail person who makes the arrangements and says things like “That campground you suggested is closed.”

When we decided to go to the Phoenix area, Jim did an Internet search and found four campgrounds he liked. I checked them out. One was full, one allowed only small dogs (Cooper is in the big category), and another was expensive. The fourth campground was on a lake. Since we have our kayaks with us but haven't used then since November, I booked a spot at the lake.  

The campground sent an email confirmation. Jim called the phone number listed to ask about getting a package delivered and was told the campground had a new mailing address. I’d already planned our driving route, but when I heard Jim repeat the words “new address” I thought I’d better double check. So I typed the new mailing address into the iPhone ap we use to plan our drives.

Turns out new address is about 20 miles south of where I thought we were going. Also turns out that instead of Lake Campground I’d booked Expensive Campground.

Anyway. On Tuesday we arrived Desert Edge campground in north Phoenix. I don't think we'll be kayaking here but they do have a swimming pool. And I'll be taking a refresher course in paying attention to details.
On our way to Phoenix not far from Casa Grande, AZ: Picacho Peak in the background and blooming brittle bush in the foreground.  A hike to the top of Picacho Peak has an elevation gain of 1780 feet. 
Many of the camping spots at Desert's Edge Campground have two rigs parked "foot to foot" in a single, long parking spot.  We have a wide corner space instead, with lots of room. 

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