Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We're having a heat wave

It seemed like Ohio was never going to warm up.  But it appears to be happening. 
Last week this was the view out my Mom's south facing window: Ice courtesy of Mother Nature plus crystal prisms courtesy of me and my niece Brooke.   That's a tree waiting for spring in the background.  
Until Sunday, the only bird we saw in Mom's yard was the mourning dove pictured in a previous post -- plus a big red hawk that eyed the mourning dove on occasion. When temps started to rise a bit, all sorts of birds appeared including this cardinal.
Monday I decided to visit one of Jim's and my favorite walking paths in Wellington: The Wellington Reservation, a 550 acre park not far from my Mom's.  It took me two hours to do two miles as I was snowshoeing in my sneakers. 
Today it's rainy, foggy and in the 40s. Ohioans are seeing bits of bare earth for the first time in what must seem like forever.

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