Sunday, May 17, 2015

What we did on our Salt Lake City "vacation"

We have a house in Salt Lake City and stop there about three times a year -- usually in the spring (grandson's birthday), fall (granddaughter's birthday) and Christmas. Our daughter, SIL, and the aforementioned grandchildren live in the house while we are on our grand RV tour, and we are there all together the few weeks every year Jim and I are home. We're about to start Year Number Five of doing this, and it's worked out well.

As of early yesterday afternoon, however, we are back on the road. The plan is to barrel east though tornado alley to see Bev's mom in Ohio.

While in Utah we spent time with friends and family, got two cars and the RV checked over, sorted through the various detritus that collects in the RV while on the road, made trips to the doctor and dentist, and took Cooper to the vet. At age 16 Coop got a clean bill of health minus some achy joints. We checked out about the same.

Anyway, we left Salt Lake about noon yesterday, got on I-80 eastbound, and spent last night at a KOA in Rock Springs. We've stayed at a couple of nice KOAs in years past (Bear Lake, Utah and Montpelier, ID), but KOAs are not usually high on our list of campgrounds.  There's usually not much ambiance. The Rock Springs KOA, for example, is a big gravel parking lot; after a night of rain it was a big, muddy, gravel parking lot. But the staff was nice, it's right off I-80, and for one night when you are not planning to sight-see, it really doesn't matter.
I always wonder what the grand kids will grow up to be interested in.  Five-year-old Mia seems to like photography (or maybe she just likes using the camera Grandma wants to use) and took this photo of me at a park.  I liked it so much I used it as my Facebook profile picture. That's a glimpse of my daughter Ashley, behind me.
Five-year-old photographer Mia, who had her tonsils out while we were home.  Can't say enough good things about Primary Children's Hospital, where two of the nurses wore Wonder Woman outfits instead of scrubs.
Three-year-old Marshall will climb anything. He also rescues horses from the mud (he says).
Mia walking to the entrance of the new, beautiful Museum of Natural History near the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.  Like her Grandpa, sometimes she just doesn't want to face a camera.
Brunch at Wasatch Brewing with Salt Lake friends John, Deb, Thelxi and Steve.

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