Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Home in Salt Lake for a few weeks

We are now at our house near Salt Lake City for a few weeks. We got here Friday, after leaving Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and then spending one night in Fillmore, Utah. Fillmore was the first capital of Utah. It has great little RV park called the Wagons West. If you are on I-15 in Utah and need a spot for an RV, it's a tidy park that only cost $18 with our Passport America membership.

While in Utah we'll see friends and family, and take care of the "stuff" we always do while home -- doctor appointments, vehicle repairs and maintenance (like replacing the rig valance that a coyote, may he rest in peace, collided with last fall) and other chores.

We're experiencing a big spring snowstorm today, but it's supposed to be sunny by the weekend. The wind that blew in the storm yesterday picked up our grand kids' plastic swimming pool and sailed it a couple hundred yards down our street. It was really windy. And today is very snowy.
How the view from our front yard looked Friday while we were unloading the rig. You can see some tulips near the bottom of the photo but it looks like deer got the vast majority of them. I usually have several hundred tulips blooming. Not this year.
The view from our front yard today, except that I took this photo this morning and now the snow is even deeper.  I also stood back a bit so the photo shows how much snow piled on our planters.
Unfortunately we had not yet unloaded our kayaks.


  1. Quite a change from Tucson/Phoenix, though I did notice that Park City still has five lifts still running so your snow fall will give a little more life to their ski season up there.

    As for the snow-covered kayaks, I think that you are OK. A quick Google search (so it must be correct) affirmed that “kayak” derived from a Danish word, which in turn derived from an Inuit (Eskimo – only offensive in Canada) word. My point being, that the Kayaks having snow on them is actually their native condition, and therefore, not having been taken from the auto roof was actually good for them, and no one should be scolded for not having done so.

    Two Christmas’ ago Sandy and I vacationed in Quebec. One of the things we did was to rent luges and “sled” down “le Massif de Charlevoix”. About halfway down we heard a thundering noise and loud laughter coming from behind us, and then in a flash a crazy French Canadian, I think they are all a little crazy, came flying by us in a kayak. Best I could tell he was using the paddle as a rudder to give himself control, what little he had of it. Then he was gone! So I’m just saying since the kayaks are already loaded the car, and since there are still some lifts open?

    1. Wow. Forget the lifts. We have all weather tires, so we could power on up to the top of the mountain and slide on down.