Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don’t turn right at Taco Bell

Tonight we are at Dead Horse State Park south of Sedona, AZ.  We left Chandler, AZ this morning.  Our first stop was for gasoline at a nearby Costco; Costco’s gas station was closed for an annual state inspection.  After we figured out where to get gas (not always easy for a rig with tow car) we headed north for Javalina Leap Winery in Cornville, AZ.  I had talked with the winery about staying there; the man I spoke with was very hospitable. The person who met us at the winery, however, was not quite as welcoming.  After we couldn't level our rig where she told us we had to park, we decided to try nearby Dead Horse State Park.  Winery staff gave us directions that included a major error (hence the Taco Bell reference in the title of this post).  But we got here before dark, our rig is in one of the few remaining spots, Jim apologized for being a butt head when things don't go exactly right (and I apologized for getting upset when he's a butt head) and there are plenty of hiking trails to explore tomorrow. 
Also,  a little about yesterday:  After another night in the Kokopelli Winery Parking lot, we did more wandering of historic downtown Chandler and sampled “paletas” or Mexican popsicles (yummy).  Then we had dinner at the SanTan Brewery with Phill, a former coworker of Jim’s from Intel.  Jim had a good time catching up re: what’s going on with Intel and talking about all the different Intel locations he and Phill worked at.  And I was so interested in what they had to say that I forgot to take a photo.  Phill also gave us some good ideas of places to visit next time we are in the Chandler area.  
Downtown Chandler, AZ park and fountain.
On our way to Dead Horse Park State Park, we stopped at a beautiful rest area on US-17.
Cactus in bloom at the US-17 rest area.


  1. That was great, but I think it needs a little more cacti! (Obtuse reference to Will Ferrel SNL skit).

  2. I don't think that you can actually call it an apology if you are still calling him a butt head.

  3. Sandy: Jim says "Objection sustained, Counselor."