Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wine and olive oil

We spent last night in the parking lot of the Kokopelli Winery in the historic district of Chandler, Arizona. 
Chandler itself is one subdivision after another, but the downtown historic district is charming with restaurants, shops, and a hotel that looks like it belongs in Belize.  Besides having lunch at the Kokopelli Winery Bistro, we had dinner at the SanTan Brewery, which was really hopping for a Tuesday night, or any night actually.  

We also drove out to the Queen Creek, AZ Olive Mill, a working olive farm about 15 miles from our parking lot home.  Besides olive oil, their shop sold pastries, sauces, tapanades, gelato, coffee, bread, and had free recipes to go with their items (and an on line recipe collection I’ll hae to go back to when we are home in Salt Lake).  Plus they had a restaurant.  Very fun to look around.  Jim says it feels like we’re on vacation ... and it does.
Jim enjoying lunch at the Kokopelli Bistro and Winery.  The Kokopelli Winery is a member of "Harvest Host" which lets motor home travelers stay at wineries for a night or two.  We spoke with Kokopelli's owner, Dennis, to arrange our stay.  Very nice winery.
Jim putting air in our rig tires before we leave the Davis Monthan Air Force Base FamCamp.  We stayed there from January 1 to March 27.
Bev at the SanTan Brewery in Chandler, AZ, just south of Phoenix.

Jim at the SanTan Brewery.  If it looks like all we did yesterday was eat, in our defense both our meals consisted of appetizers.  But it was an eating day.  And the food was good.
Our "camping spot" on the parking lot behind the Kokopelli Winery.  This is our third winery stay but the first time we've stayed at a winery in an urban setting. 

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