Monday, March 5, 2012

Yesterday morning we continued to be amazed by the loop de loops and barrel rolls we saw up in the sky.  In the afternoon we went back to the Tucson Museum of Art, where we saw a 90 minute documentary about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  We saw a photographic exhibit about her a week ago, but by the time we were done our brains were too full to take in the film, too; hence the return trip.
Today we hiked in the Tortolita Mountains about a half hour north of Tucson.  Jim had hiked there a couple of times while I was in Ohio and thought it was very scenic.  I agree.
View at the trail head to the Tortolita's Mountains Wild Burro trail.  We had to go through a gate to a Ritz Carlton resort to get to the trail -- really.  But once you hike a half a mile you can't see the resort and the area seems very remote. 
More wild flowers in bloom.  There were also many honey bees out having lunch.
Jim keeping a tight leash on Cooper as they walk by some cholla cactus on the Lower Javalina trail.  About two weeks ago Cooper brushed against a cholla on the Air Force Base.  The cholla stuck to his coat and Cooper got it in his mouth before Jim could pull it off.  It took a trip to the vet to the the needles out.
Jim near a swirly saguaro. 
Bev and her new hiking hat.  It was supposed to get into the upper 80's here today -- I'm not sure if it got that warm, but it was hot enough that I had to wear both my hat and a long-sleeved, light weight shirt I wear for sun protection.


  1. I'm pretty sure you had a close call with aliens.

  2. That cactus does look like an alien, doesn't it? A couple of days ago I saw two that looked like a mom and dad waving goodbye to their kids on the first day of school. They look so human (or alien).