Monday, March 26, 2012

Slowly homeward bound

We’re getting ready to leave the the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base FamCamp.  We’ve had a great time in Tucson and plan to come back next year.  But our Salt Lake City kids are expecting baby # 2 April 25 -- and we’ve promised to be there to help.  If we want our trip north to be a meander instead of a bee line, we’ve got to leave.
The plan is to leave tomorrow morning.  Our first two camping stops will be at Arizona wineries, then we have a couple of parks picked out.  After that ... well, we’ll figure it out as we go.
Today was spent getting ready to leave, including finally getting our rear window sunshade reinstalled.  It partially fell off while we were driving on I-10 in Texas last fall; Jim pulled off at the next exit and wrestled the rest of it down.  Since our rear window is big, it’s nice to have it back.
Above is a flower bed in front of Tucson's La Encantada shopping center -- how can allysum be that filled out in March? Yesterday we window shopped at La Encantada, plus we bought some fancy tea but passed on a $300 tea pot. I think Jim would have bought it left to his own devices because it was beautiful.  However, left to his own devices Jim might not have been in a tea shop in the first place.  
Jim with the husband-wife team from Cameron's Reliable Maintenance Service, who fixed our sunshade on site. To the left you can see the rig of Linda and Kurt,  a couple we visited with from Washington State. 
Still working on the rig.  Directly in front of our rig is the overflow camping area -- which is pretty much empty.   In he distance (and across the street) you can see another part of the FamCamp that still has plenty of campers.
The Cameron's 7-year-old daughter, Jasmine, created a rock design on our campsite patio while she waited for her parents.

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