Saturday, March 24, 2012

Instead of tulips: Fewer rigs

The crowd is thinning out a bit here at Tucson’s Agave Gulch FamCamp.   Since mid January, all of the 266 campsites were full, plus plenty of folks were camping in “overflow” without electricity, water and sewer.  But this week we began to see empty campsites.  Several people told me they were leaving so they could get home in time to do taxes.  Maybe others are leaving because it’s warm elsewhere in the US and they figure when it’s warm at home it’s time to go there.  Or maybe a smaller campground population is a true sign of spring.  
Since our last posting, I finished our taxes.  I've been going to physical therapy and doing exercises at home -- the Air Force Base feels like home now -- for an ongoing shoulder problem.  We’ve been watching some NCAA (OSU Buckeyes) and CBI (OSU Beavers) basketball.  We also went to a local Mexican restaurant recommended by our campsite neighbors and mentioned in Jane and Michael Stern’s book “Roadfood” called Cafe Poca Cosa  Somehow I was expecting a divvy restaurant; instead it was an upscale-martini-bar-looking place where the menu depends on what’s fresh and what the chef feels like cooking; the menu changes twice a day and is posted on a small portable blackboard brought to your table. We each got the special -- a sampler of three of eight available dishes but you don’t get to pick. I couldn't tell you all of our six, but there was a drunken pork, some moles (as in sauce, not rodent) and ... I can't remember.  But it was good.

Last note:  it's 83 degrees and sunny here.
Here is Jim talking with a guy who tent camped at the FamCamp.  He's active military on leave.  I thought maybe there was a bike inside the small tent, but no -- he's hitch hiking and walking around the U.S.  
Our rig is dwarfed by many others at FamCamp; here's one of those being readied to leave.  It consists of a semi tractor pulling a fifth wheel pulling a tow car.  Also note the motorcycle.  This thing has to be 65 feet long, and there are several here similar to it.  Detach the tow car and it barely fits in a camp space.  (Carl, if you are reading, it's an option for you and Sandy.)


  1. Oh, Bev, I always read your blog. Sometimes I check for you and Jim, several times a day. Just to make sure you are OK. Regarding the suggested rig, it is Sandy who makes those kind of decisions in our family. Actually, come to think about it, she makes all the decisions. Enjoy your new found solitude.

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