Monday, April 9, 2012

Back in Utah!

We are now in Moab, Utah -- only about 250 miles from Salt Lake City in case Ashley and Shad's little boy decides to make an earlier-than-expected-arrival.  But to catch up on our travels: after the Cottonwood Campground in Chinle, AZ, our next stop was Sand Island Campground in Bluff, Utah.  Managed by the BLM, it has 27 campsites and a boat launch where people rafting the San Juan River put in or take a break.  Cost to camp is $10 a night, but because Jim has a “senior pass” (or as we call it, his “old guys' card") we paid $5.  The old guys' card also gets us into all national monuments for free.  This card costs $10, is available to anyone 62 to older, and has to be one of the best deals around.
The scenery on the way to Bluff on Highway 191 was gorgeous.  
Another view on Highway 191. 
Goats on the reservation being herded by a pick up truck and a dog along Highway 191.
These two rock formations are directly above an art gallery and restaurant on the north side of Bluff.  I'd be worried about when they are going to roll.

Our camping spot at at Sand Island Campground.  We arrived the  Saturday before Easter; a family pulled in with their RV late that night and had an Easter egg hunt the next morning.
The bluff that rims part of the campground has a large panel of petroglyphs.

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