Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Take it Easy

We wanted our next stop to be Winslow, Arizona (cue up Jackson Browne or the Eagles).  When I called nearby Homolovi State Park on availability of campsites, the ranger told me “We’ve never been full.”  Now we know why:  This place is very unpopulated. 
Homolovi means “place of the little hills” in Hopi, and is at the edge of the Hopi Indian Reservation in northeastern Arizona.  The park was created to protect the ancestral site and now serves as a research center.
There are two pueblo ruins at the park where Hopi ancestors lived during the 14th century. The park also has 53 camp sites and a great camp host named Elaine, who we really needed when we got here.  Because, as it turns out, we dragged the electrical cable that operates our tow car turn signals and brake lights (and syncs  them with the rig) all the way here.  So it was frayed.  Badly.
Elaine made a phone call and we were on our way to Glenn’s RV Repair Shop in Winslow where a guy named Travis fixed it and another guy named Justin delivered it to us at the park.  

PS:  Happy Birthday to my brother, Don.
12,633-foot Humphrey's Peak, just north of Flagstaff, as seen on I-17 on our way to Homolovi State Park. 
The jack rabbits at Homolovi State Park are as big as dogs.
Bev standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.  Jim says the Jackson Browne version of the song is better than the Eagle's version. 
It's a girl, my lord, in (well, near) a flat bed Ford.   Winslow is on historic Route 66.
The blue and white speck in this photo is our rig in our camping spot at Homolovi State Park.  There are some other rigs here, but they are not (obviously) near us. 
The view out our rig's back window.

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