Sunday, April 8, 2012

Random thoughts while on the reservation

Chinle, AZ (where our campground near Canyon de Chelly National Monument is located) is small town with few amenities.  It does, however, have cattle, sheep and horses grazing in town plus quite a few dogs.  One of the dogs lies on the sidewalk in town and chases cars whenever he gets in the mood; we were one of its victims.  I don’t think I’ve had my car chased by a dog since the first year I got my driver’s license.
We met a couple at the campground from Polk, Ohio, just 20 miles due south of my hometown of Wellington, Ohio.  
We visited Four Corners Monument, the only place in the United States where four US states (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado) meet.
The Four Corners Monument is on the Navajo reservation.  The long, low buildings house booths where Navajos sell beads, paintings, and pottery.
Bev behind other tourists at the Four Corners spot and trying to get Jim’s attention. 
Bev standing on the Four Corners spot in front of Utah.
Jim eating Indian fry bread we bought at Four Corners.  It was so windy we ate the fry bread in our car.
Our camping spot at the Cottonwood Campground near Canyon de Chelly National Monument.  The campground is part of the National Parks Service and is free, although they are going to start charging $10 a night April 16.  Great campground.
Horses grabbing a bite to eat in downtown Chinle, AZ.

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