Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ya’at eeh (That’s “hello” in Navajo)

We are at another “wow” spot:  Canyon de Chelly National Monument near Chinle, AZ on the Navajo Indian Reservation. 
I told Jim this place would be in my top five most beautiful sites visited.  He agreed, not counting brew pubs.
We hiked into the canyon on the White House Trail.  At the bottom we saw the White House Ruin, built by ancestral Puebloan people 1,000 year ago.The trail is named for a dwelling that is covered with white plaster.  Along the way we saw amazing view after amazing view.  Photos below.   Also, at the bottom of the canyon were Navajos selling necklaces, paintings and pottery.  I wanted to buy two necklaces, but didn’t have any money with me.  No problem.  Just leave the money at the Chevron in Chinle and tell them to give it to Sharon.  Sale complete.
Further up the canyon rim road, we also saw Spider Rock, an 800-foot sandstone spire.  In the Navajo culture, the Spider Woman is a deity who taught the Navajo people how to to weave.   
A view near the beginning of our hike into Canyon de Chelly (prounouced Canyon De Shay.)
Bev on the 2.5 mile round trip trail.

Another view.
And another view, this time including Jim. 
And another view with Jim.
A couple from California took this photo of us. 
The twin spires of 800-foot-tall Spider Rock.   Spider Woman is a Navajo deity who taught the Navajo to weave.
Jim with Spider Rock behind him to his left.

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  1. Beautiful Landscape, and tell Jim not to stand so close to the ledges!