Sunday, November 25, 2012

One great book; one OSU win

 ---We have a spot at the edge of the Yuma Proving Ground RV Park.  There's nothing behind our rig except a view of desert shrubs and brown, distant mountains.   I can sit outside, look at the view and see no absolutely no one.  (I can however, hear a distant neighbor yelling for Marge, her Shih Tzu)  Today, that's where I read on my Kindle.

I’m about 3/4 of the way through “The End of Your Life Book Club” by Will Schwalbe.  Jim’s sister, Cathy, suggested it because she knows I tend to read memoirs.   The book centers on  1) the author's mom’s treatment for pancreatic cancer; and 2) the books they read while she gets chemo.  Sounds like a downer, I know, but  it’s uplifting, touching and motivating. A very good book. (Thanks, Cathy.)   

---I am not much of a TV-watching sports fan, except when it comes to Ohio State - my alma matter - playing football.  And then I watch the game like I do a scary movie:  through my fingers.  When it gets too scary, I leave.  So last weekend when Wisconsin tied Ohio State with just seconds remaining and the game went into overtime, I went on a walk.

After about 7/10 of a mile, Jim found me in my quest for laps around the RV park; Ohio State won.  Yay!  Later I came back to the rig and read about the game online on ESPN and the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch.  I’d much rather read about a victory after the game than have to suffer through a close one.

Yesterday, Ohio State had a sloppy win over Michigan to end the season with 12 wins and no losses.  So double yay, as to most OSU fans it’s a losing season if you don’t beat Michigan.  Jim’s OSU however (Oregon State) lost their “Civil War” game between OSU and University of Oregon but still finished 8-3. 

---Finally: It may be hot and sunny here in Yuma, but RV neighbors are hanging holiday lights on their motor homes and stores on the military base are playing Christmas Muzak.  In honor of the holiday season, see our Christmas decorations below.
The only decorations we'll put up this year:  A holiday moose cookie tin (look familiar, Mom?) and Kleenex's holiday edition.