Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We're in San Diego

Yesterday we were still in Yuma, AZI wanted to take a tour of a date farm, but the tours weren't running.  So I took a photo of the date trees and had a date milk shake. I'm a lover of all things ice cream, but it was not the best shake I ever had.  Didn't keep me from eating the entire thing, however.
This morning we took off for San Diego, which is about 170 miles due west of Yuma.  In the first 50 miles on Interstate 8 -- and in very southern part of California we -- saw sand dunes...

Then irrigated farmland...
Then miles and miles of piles and piles of rocks. Note the tiny, red car on the road which give you an idea of how big the rock piles are.
We were stopped at two border patrol check points on I-8.  While we waited at this one I took photos of a car being inspected.  The border agents seemed very interested in what was underneath it.  At the first stop we were asked if we had any "fruit, vegetables or animals."  We didn't claim the six bananas in our sink, but we did claim the dog. 
Above is what happens when I go out to unhook the tow car, leave an unfolded map on the passenger seat of the rig, and Cooper decides keep my seat warm. Or maybe he just doesn't like California.
Our camp site at Admiral Baker Field in San Diego in a photo that includes Jim helping Cooper into the back of our car.   The campground is associated with the San Diego Naval Station but not on a military base. Our camp site backs up to a golf course.  


  1. Boy, you fooled me with the "head-fake" towards Tucson, which is where I bet Sandy you were headed. I was not, however, surprised that you defied the federal government with the bananas in the sink, you always were an outlaw.

  2. We have to mix it up once in a while. Jim did his Navy basic training here and wanted to come back. We will eventually end up in Tucson, though.

  3. Does Cooper have his very own dog ramp? Deluxe.