Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three states in one day

First, I obviously changed the top photo on our blog to one I took this afternoon at our Quartzsite, AZ, campsite.

As for what we are up to: Yesterday we were still at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas and it was chore day:  laundry, clean the rig, figure out where to get gasoline on our way out of town (found it for $3.55 a gallon, the least expensive we’ve seen lately.)  Plus Jim watched football while I read a great memoir by Richard Russo called “Elsewhere.” 

This morning we headed towards Quartzsite, AZ.  Las Vegas is in the desert, but once we turned south onto US 95 near Boulder City, NV, the 200 miles we drove to Quartzsite really looked like the desert. No Stratsosphere skyscrapers here, let alone buildings over one story.  Let alone buildings, period.  It was brown and gray rocks, scattered Joshua trees, a few ocotillos, and mountains in the distance. Scrubby desert; beautiful in its own way but not somewhere you’d want your car to break down.  The closest city to the west was Barstow, CA, about 150 miles away.  To the east was Lake Havasu City, AZ, which you can’t get to from most of the desert we were in because few roads crossed the lake.

And now we are in Quartzsite, which we’ll explore tomorrow.  Quartzite is kind of famous in the RV world because it hosts a huge winter RV show.  It also has about 6 large Bureau of Land Management areas were people can stay for free for 14 days.

High desert chaparral as seen from the passenger window somewhere in California.  Or maybe it's low chaparral.
We were in three states today:  Nevada, California and Arizona.  Here's another view out the rear window of the rig as we move down US 95 in California.
And yet another view.
If you are on RT 95 and find our hubcap, let us know.

Bev at our campsite in Quartzsite.  Jim said Quartzsite's motto is "Rock capital of the world."


  1. Love the new main blog photo. Which vehicle is Bev and which is JIm? (Just kidding).

  2. Love the new main blog photo. Which vehicle is Bev and which is JIm? (Just kidding).