Sunday, January 20, 2013

What to write?

Last time we were in Tucson (January through March of 2012) everything was so new.  Our first time at a military RV park!  Airplanes parked practically next to the RVs!  Cactus everywhere! Warm winter weather! The Desert Museum, the Saguaro National Parks, the Tucson Art Museum, gravel front yards...!

This Tucson visit, I’m having a harder time coming up with post topics.  To be honest, we’ve spent a lot of time doing stuff we’d do if we were home in Salt Lake.  We go to a great gym here on base.  We eat out some.  We go on walks (well, we might not be doing that because it's to darn cold right now is SLC).  I’ve been going to second hand stores.  Jim’s been watching the football.  Tomorrow we’ll watch the inauguration.  We took Cooper to a dog park.  We went to another movie (Silver Lining Playbook starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence; we both thought it was so-so.  If you can only see one movie, see Argo.) We had another problem at home with the furnace (which was fixed Friday) so we’ve been talking with our house-sitting kids about that. 

We had a Big Love-watching marathon and viewed the last five hours of the HBO series in one sitting.  Big Love is about a Salt Lake City home improvement store owner and his polygamist family.  Polygamy gets lots of press in Salt Lake City (the Salt Lake Tribune even has a polygamy “beat”) and the show weaves some real-life Utah and polygamy-related events into its plots, which we found interesting.  But now that we’re done, we won’t have to see the crazy, demonic brother-in-law Alby and the just-as-crazy-but-evil-in-a-different-way-sister-wife Nikki.  Thank goodness.

We also celebrated our wedding anniversary and Jim’s birthday this week.  Anniversary Number Nine was celebrated with a movie (the previously mentioned Silver Linings Playbook) and dinner at El Charro, our favorite Tucson Mexican restaurant. For Jim’s birthday (which is today) we went to the kind of cleverly named pub “Sir Veza’s” for lunch and watched part of the 49ers - Falcon’s game.  Happy anniversary and birthday, my dear. And to Jim's sister, Cathy, who shares his birthday.

As for posting on our blog:  I’ll either get motivated and do something new so I can write about it, or we’ll move the rig and put ourselves in a new location.  Or both.
We may be doing same-old, same-old -- but here's a first 
(for us).  See the dark rectangle near the middle of this large 
motor home?  It's a flat screen TV built onto the outside of 
rig.  These folks are parked pretty close to us (I took the 
photo while standing in our doorway). We could see and 
hear the 49er's-Falcons game they had on.
Cooper at the dog park with the water bottle he shares with 
Jim.  Jim can drink out of the straw or he can squeeze the 
bottle, point the straw at the blue cup and water goes into 
the cup for Cooper. (Like I said, Jim can do this -- but in 
most cases he shares my water.)
Jim and Cooper walking at Tucson's Reid Park.


  1. Here's some help Bev; when the "Blog" news is a little slow, just pull something out from your magazine and book writing days. Insert the word Cooper, Tucson, and RV every now and then, Bingo - Bango - Bongo, you've got yourself a blog posting. Alternatively, like me, you could just make stuff up, we'd never know.

    You don't have to thank me for these ideas, I already know how you respect my thinking!

    Happy B'day to Jim, Happy Anniversary to both of you.

  2. Loved Silver Lining Playbook. I was tense during the whole movie, expecting the worst I guess. Might be my fav of the last year. Argo was fun. Anything with John Goodman is usually worth watching in my book.

  3. Carl: You are never out of good ideas. I guess I could also find one of my old USPS "please restrain your dog" news release and personalize it by talking about Cooper. As I’ve said before, you need to start a blog.

    Steve: I couldn’t suspend my belief long enough to connect to the main “Silver Linings” characters. Which is kind of funny because the plot line in Argo is much more weird but true. We’ve got to get on the stick if we are going to see the rest of the “Best Picture” nominees before Oscar time. I doubt that we will.