Sunday, January 6, 2013


Before the holidays -- and our trip to spend Christmas in SLC -- Jim and I scouted out a hiking trail in Yuma's Muggins Mountains "for later."  "Later" was yesterday.  Then today we hiked a trail near the Yuma Proving Ground that followed an irrigation canal. Both hikes were flat but yesterday's trail had sections of deep sand, which made it a little tough for our dog, Cooper.  He seemed happy to stay home today.

The beginning of the trail in the Muggins Wilderness Area.
Jim taking a photo of Coronation Peak in the Muggins Wilderness Area.
Yesterday's trail was flat but covered with either deep sand 
or lots of rocks.  These are some of the rocks we saw.  Carl, 
if you are reading this, what is your geologic opinion? 
Jim walking toward the danger zone today near the Yuma Proving Ground.  He did not cross the boundary, but being Jim, had to take a look.
A view along the irrigation canal where we hiked today.

And another view along the today's hiking path.


  1. Sorry Bev, I have been away from your blog for a few days. But, you will be glad to know, that you were right, ... they are rocks.

    Trying my best to analyze your picture (and remember when I learned about this stuff we were worried about the onset of the fifth of the modern era ice ages, not global warming) most significant thing that I noticed, and can remember, is the fracturing which is ongoing, notice that the newest fracture is empty, but the same type of fracture in (horizontal) has filled in with gravel that has in turn been compressed. Lots of new and old uplifting and erosion going on here. I think that the brown circles were caused as the sandstone was being formed under heat and pressure, some of the minerals recrystalized in concentric spheres, and then as they were pushed to the surface and exposed to weathering, they sheared off and it looks like a bunch of circles.

    It is either that, or, and I think more probable, that these are the burn marks left by the aliens when they landed in the middle of nowhere as they are so prone to do.

    Hope this helps. (you diid ask my opinion)

  2. That does help. All I was thinking is that it would make a great kitchen counter. But I like the alien theory.