Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where butterflies dance

We arrived in Yuma, AZ this afternoon.  We'd stored our rig here at the Yuma Proving Ground while we drove home to Salt Lake City for the holidays with family and friends.  When we got back to Yuma and I first saw the rig, two butterflies were zig zagging around it.  A lovely sight after several weeks of cold Utah weather.  Even lovelier was the fact that the Proving Ground's Travel Camp -- where you can't make reservations -- had one spot left and we're in it.

We took off the rig's window and wheel coverings, drove to our space, and leveled the rig.  Jim hooked up the water and electric while I unpacked, and then we went to the base commissary for groceries.  And now we are tucked back in our little motor home.  Not sure how long we are going to stay here; originally it was just two days, but our next stop has no TV/radio/internet, and there's apparently a Jim-must-see Seattle Seahawks game Sunday -- so that may extend our stay.  
Big sky, long road through California on the way to Yuma, AZ.
The Turtle Mountains as seen from I-95 in California. When I took this photo we were pretty much due west of Lake Havasu City, AZ.

And, for our friends in Washington who called right after midnight January 1 to say Happy New Year -- here's what Jim was doing while I was sleep-talking.

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