Monday, January 28, 2013

Sierra Vista, Arizona

We left Tucson this morning and drove 75-mile southwest to Apache Flats Campground at Ft. Huachuca Army Base in Sierra Vista, Arizona, about 15 miles north of Mexico.  The weather forecasters were predicting rain again today, this time with a cold front. We had to hook up the tow car in some coldish rain, but made the short trip without much more. We also got the rig set up at the campground (including putting vinyl covers on the tires and the front windshield, which we do anytime we plan to stay somewhere more than a day or two) before it started to rain again.  It’s evening now, and rain is hitting the rig pretty hard.  If it gets colder tonight (and it’s supposed to) the weather folks said there might be an inch of snow on the ground in the a.m. 

Anyway --- after we settled in, we explored the base a bit.  Ft. Huachuca was founded in 1877 and is the only active Army base in Arizona, although the state used to have two dozen army camps and posts.  It’s is a center for electronic weaponry, US Army communications and military intelligence training and has about 18,000 people working here during the day.  
Sierra Vista is close to Tombstone and Bisbee plus lots of hiking so we're looking forward to  better weather and some exploring.  
Our rig (front center) during a break in the rain. This small campground (only 50 spaces) takes reservations and fills up fast.  We reserved a spot in early December. 
A path near the campground.
Cooper getting ready for bed.  The white thing above him is a quilt we hang between the cab area and the living space of the rig to help keep out the cold.  We also put foam inserts in our roof vents and bathroom sunroof.

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