Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold in Tucson

It's not as cold here in Tucson as some parts of the west right now (i.e., Salt Lake City where it’s supposed to get to -3 tonight) and there’s no snow ... but it’s plenty cold.  According to the local newspaper, early Monday morning it got as low as 21 degrees -- a record for January 14;  early this morning it got down to 17, also a record.  Everyone at Davis Monthan Air Force Base FamCamp where we are staying must be running electric heaters to combat the chill because the electricity gave out for a bit this morning.  

It’s projected to get up into the 70s this weekend, so until then we’re doing indoor activities.  Yesterday we saw “Argo,” the Ben Affleck film about a real, crazy and successful CIA scheme that got six US Embassy employees out of Iran during the 1980s hostage crisis that kept other embassy employees imprisoned for 444 days.  Very good -- tense but, in parts, funny.  Afterwards we went shopping for a new electric space heater.  Home Depot was actually all out.

Today we had lunch at a brew put Jim likes called Barrio Brewing.  Just as we got there a water pipe broke (because of the cold, the manager told us), sending a waterfall over one of the doors. Fortunately the water gushed over the exit and not the entrance, because it really did happen almost simultaneous with our arrival. Then I dragged Jim to two thrift stores because I have a plan to buy my clothes in second hand shops (which could get derailed when I go shopping in SLC with my daughter).  Then we stopped at a a place called “BevMo” that sounds like an abbreviation of my name a la JLo, but is a beer/wine store.

Kind of mundane, but fun.  And as I write, we're back in the rig staying warm.

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  1. Not mundane at all. It helps us feel like we are just down the street from our friends. I can here Jim now as he is walking through the doors of Barrio Brewing, "Damn the Flood, Man, set up the IPO".