Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ramsey Canyon Preserve

The Huachuca Mountains that surround Sierra Vista, AZ have dozens of hiking trails.  We've done two short ones on the Ft. Huachuca Army Post where we are staying.  Today we went off base and took a beautiful hike at the nearby Ramsey Canyon Preserve.

Managed by the Nature Conservancy, the preserve is 380 very lovely square miles.  Named for a miner who hand built a 2.5 mile road from what is now the visitors' center to his mine, it has a stream, huge trees, small trees, and today a little bit of snow.
Bev in Ramsey Canyon. Concrete ponds and walls that once 
diverted Ramsey Creek were removed so the creek can flow 
more naturally.
It snowed a couple of says ago, as is obvious in the shady 
parts of Ramsey Canyon.  
Jim in front of a Arizona sycamore that took root about 1760.  
If you look above the horizon on the right you can barely see 
one of the blimps that help protect the border.
These deer almost walked right up to us while we were 
hiking in Ramsey Canyon.

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  1. Great pictures of both of you. Niether Jim nor the sycamore look 250 years old.