Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Below are a few signs we've seen during our 19 months of motor home touring (a few with comments but most without).

Maybe only odd if you're from Salt Lake City.

We liked the line about the "soup of the day."

A volleyball game, maybe?
At first glance seemed like a very small niche.


  1. Your pictures of signs is a great hobby. We had another friend who went around the country taking pictures of dumpsters. Your pix are dramatically more inspiring!

    Who among us did not immediately think of Jim when we saw the "Elder Beerman" sign.

    I think Custer would have appreciated the sign indicating which way the Indians (Aboriginal Americans) were.

    Sadly, I was not clever enough to understand your comment about volleyballs and bears until Sandy explained it to me. I guess I'm a little too innocent for your ribald humor. I did, on the other-hand, wonder how the bears knew which side of the sign to stay on.

  2. Dumpster photos! Now that's a hobby I could get into. Also, the bowling insurance sign was from Marietta -- that probably was a better business when that second story bowling alley was still open.