Tuesday, February 26, 2013

With Mom

I haven’t posted for a bit because we’re not actually “on the road” at the moment.  Jim and the Coop dog are in Tucson, holding down the rig, and I’m in Wellington, Ohio, with my Mom.  I got here a week ago today. So far Mom and I have:
Gone shopping (Mom got four pairs of slacks and bought me a great chartreuse coat.  I love it).
Had lunch at the Oberlin Inn.
Went to church and afterwards went to lunch with friends at Wellington’s “Bread and Brew” (which does not, as Jim once hoped, serve beer.  Instead it’s a sandwich and coffee place). Also, Mom’s minister gave a gutsy sermon re: gun violence.  Way to go, Reverend Lea. And thanks for lunch, Nancy and Ron.
Trimmed Mom’s hibiscus and cut off a branch I did not intend to trim.  Oh well. It will grow back.
Done some genealogy work, with me typing down stories Mom remembers using my “Family Tree Maker” software.
Plus lots of other stuff with more to come.   Tomorrow we're going to an orchid show in Cleveland with my brother Bob and SIL Suzie.  If we aren't snowed in (avoiding the cold is something else in which we've invested a lot of time.)


  1. Jim is correct, a Bread and Brew, should be making beer. Ingredients aren't that different, just a little more water in the beer!

    Of course, you and your Mom are going to Cleveland, who wouldn't want to vacation in Cleveland in February? I would suggest that you to visit the "Northern Frozen Food" warehouse, where I whiled away many of my teenage hours (2:00 AM to 6:00 AM) tossing around frozen Sara Lee pound cakes, getting the trucks ready for the morning shipments to the grocery stores. But, sadly the warehouse was destroyed in a fire in the 90's. It's misfortune for being on the Cuyahoga River. But, boy that Sara Lee could cook.

  2. Nort eastern Ohio is the vacation capital of the world in February. We may go up into Canada just to get some chill. Also, that Sara Lee can't cook like you can.

  3. Congratulations on your successful use of the word of the day: chartreuse.

  4. Admittedly, I did have to look of the spelling of that word of the day.