Monday, February 18, 2013

Shopping on the cheap

I like to go to thrift stores.  I also dislike spending money.  That's a perfect fit, so I’m trying to buy most of my clothes at second hand shops. 

I did a little second-hand shop browsing in Yuma and a lot more in Tucson where thrift shops abound. A couple of my finds are below.
I bought this print dress and cardigan in Tucson.  Dress:  99 cents.  Sweater:  $7.  Guess I need shoes.
This t-shirt looks brand new.  I bought it in Yuma for $1.50. I also bought two other long-sleeved tees in Tucson for $4 each.  One is a Banana Republic brand.  The bad thing about living in an RV however, is that there is not room to buy much else...
... Except for this small wine decanter we purchased in Tucson for $4.

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  1. Thank you for the fashion show! Sandy and I both agree that your wardrobe could not have looked as nice on the previous owners. But, the T-shirts? Didn't you once say that Jim has a collection of them? Wouldn't he sell you one for less than $1.50? That would keep the funds in the family (technically, Jim would be required to report it as income, and pay taxes on it.) and assure the accuracy of my initial statement.