Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, Oregon

We're at yet another new campsite, this time at Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, Oregon. Brookings is in the southwest corner of Oregon, just six miles from the California border. Jim says the area is called the banana belt because the temperatures are very moderate and, in fact, I read that it usually reaches 70 degrees every month of the year. Per Brookings' city website, major industries are lumber, commercial and sports fishing, and lilies.The website says the 12 mile area between Brookings and Smith River, CA produce 100 percent of the lily bulbs grown in North America. I find that hard to believe, but OK.
Before we left Sunset Bay State Park this morning, I wanted to get a photo of the juvenile humpback whale jawbone on display.  A passerby offered to take a photo of us with the jawbone.  The bones washed up on shore one mile north of Sunset Bay in 2007.  
The campsite we left this morning at Sunset Bay State Park near Coos Bay, Oregon.    
And, a photo of the actual Sunset Bay.  We hooked up our tow car to our rig right where I took this photo. I mentioned in a post a few days ago that our tow car's right turn signal didn't work when the tow car was attached to our motor home.  This morning the right turn signal worked but our tow car's front headlight was out.  Someone is messing with us.
It was a misty, sometimes rainy drive from Coos Bay to Brookings, Oregon, but the scenery was beautiful.  This photo was taken near Gold Beach. 
Our campsite at Harris Beach State Parking in Brookings.  Once again we didn't make reservations but took our chances.  We got the only campsite left available for two days.

Jim and Cooper at a picnic table near our campsite at Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, OR.  Brookings was established in 1913 by John Brookings, the cousin of Robert Brookings who established the Brookings Institution.
As seen from Harris State Park:  Bird Island, also known as Goat Island, is a National Wildlife Refuge and a breeding area for the tufted puffin.
Thanks to Wikipedia for this photo of the tufted puffin.
He's no tufted puffin, but here's a California gull sitting on a car at the Harris Beach picnic area.  The car had Alaska plates, so we figured he was coming rather than going.

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