Friday, September 20, 2013

South Beach State Park on the Oregon Coast

Devil’s Lake State Park was all booked up for tonight, so I called South Beach State Park just south of Newport, Oregon.  It’s a big park -- 225 RV spots, plus yurts and a big tent camping area -- and they had some open RV sites this weekend.  So this morning we headed 30 miles south in the rain to another Oregon state park on the ocean.

Just south of Depoe Bay we drove through Cape Foulweather, so named by Captain James Cook on his third voyage around the world in 1778 for obvious reasons.  Cape Foulweather is 500 feet above the beach, which puts it in the clouds when the weather is bad.  It was kind of bad today, so for a couple of miles we only had a few feet of visibility.  But then we drove down hill and it was just rainy.

After we got settled in at South Beach, I called a local Honda dealer to see if we could get the oil changed on our tow car.  We also wanted to have our tail lights checked because the Honda's right turn signal doesn't work when the Honda is hooked up to the rig.  The dealership had time for us today and the turn signal is OK, which means we have a problem with the electric cord that connects the rig and the tow car.  That's a bit more tricky of a fix.  We plan to be back in Salt Lake for a few weeks in October and may be looking for an all-left-turn route.
Cooper and his new Oregon State collar that Jim bought in Lincoln City, Oregon.
Our camping spot at Oregon's South Beach State Park just south of Newport.  We didn't have reservations but got a spot with a primo view of the rest rooms and a propane tank.   More important, we're safe, we're warm and because it's raining we might spend a couple of days reading and watching TV.  When the rain breaks, there are a couple of hiking paths that would be fun.  Plus the beach and the ocean are less than a half mile behind our rig.


  1. I really enjoy your blog. We have a 2013 27RB of same color and I just drove it from Oregon to SoCal to Orlando and back in the last two months on family business, staying at KOAs for convenience. It is good to know the places you have enjoyed and look forward to visiting them ourselves in the future when we travel for fun. s/Terry Apple

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Terry. We love Oregon; Jim spent many years here before he moved to Utah, which we now call home base. We’re on our way to Northern California, so if you have any recommendations, let us know. And thanks for reading.