Friday, April 11, 2014

Jim, Bev, Barack, Bill, Jimmy and W

As of yesterday afternoon, we are in Austin, Texas.  We arrived the same day as did several former US presidents and the current one, all of whom were attending a three-day civil rights summit at the nearby LBJ Presidential Library to commemorate the anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Friends recommended an RV park in the center of downtown which would have been great, but there were no available spaces for another month. RV Park #1 recommended Lone Star RV further south -- and we got one of their last spots.  What's taking up all the RV spots is not the presidents and their entourages. Obviously. Instead, it's the 2014 Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas, which is some kind of motorcycle race. I guess. There are lots of "toy hauler" type rigs here at the RV park, full of motorcycles.  We look a little out of place with  kayaks on our tow car.

Anyway, we arrived in Austin yesterday, went to lunch, bought groceries at the local HEB (Steve and Norma introduced us to HEB -- a Texas and northern Mexico food store chain started in 1905 in Kerrville, TX, and named for the founder's youngest son Howard E. Butt, who later took over the business).  Then we wandered around the RV park and that was about it.  

Before we left San Antonio, however, we did some kayaking on the San Antonio River and spent more time with SLC friends Steve and Norma.
Pretty shot Jim took of Bev kayaking under a foot path on the San Antonio River.
Steve and Norma on their apartment patio.  Norma is a terrific cook and an amazing baker. Baking is science; Norma puts her scientific background to good use on our last day with them and made a terrific cherry pie. Thank you so much for your hospitality, Steve and Norma.  
San Antonio as seen from the Lackland Air Force Base RV Fam Camp.
An Air Force plane flying very near the Lackland Fam Camp.
And, as seen at the Austin RV park where we are now staying:  To the far left is a "toy hauler" RV; toy haulers have a garage at the back where you can haul a motorcycle, four wheeler or some other outdoor vehicle.  Two RVs to the right is a motorhome with a motor cycle at the back.  To the right of that is a  trailer (that I assume contains motorcycles) attached to a fifth-wheel. The owners are all apparently here for a big Austin motorcycle race.

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