Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wellington, Ohio, High School Reunion

There was a mini reunion yesterday when we had lunch with Ted and Sandy, two of my (Bev's) classmates from Wellington, Ohio.  

Ted and Sandy now live in Weatherford, Texas, 30 miles west of Fort Worth.  Sandy sent a Facebook message saying to get in touch if our RV travels took us near Forth Worth.   When I realized how close Austin (where we are right now) was to Forth Worth, I did just that. Ted and Sandy scoped out towns between Weatherford and Austin, picked a lovely restaurant, drove the majority of the miles (170 for them versus 50 for us) and we met up in Marble Falls, in the rolling Texas hill country

Like my family, Sandy's and Ted's families have lived in Wellington for a long time. In fact, Ted's mom and my dad both graduated from Wellington's class of 1937.  

Ted and I both played trombone in the band and Sandy played flute.  Sandy and I were in Girl Scouts together.  After high school, Ted and Sandy got teaching degrees, and in 1982 moved to Texas for jobs. Ted taught middle school music. Sandy taught first grade.

It was fun to talk about Wellington, school memories, our families and a lot of other topics. Thanks Ted and Sandy!
Class of '69 reunion (except for the class of '66 Yakima Davis High School guy on the far left): Jim, Bev, Sandy and Ted.  We had lunch at the very pretty, very good River City Grille in Marble Falls, with a view of Texas' Colorado River.
This photo is a little dark but I had to include it because Ted is holding a copy of the "Whiton Rush," our 6th grade newspaper (our teacher was Mrs. Whiton).  Ted and I were listed as co-editors.  The stories included a music review by Ted that said only this: "I liked it." Maybe I edited the rest out. 
The view from our motor home 15 minutes before Jim and I left to meet Ted and Sandy.  A heavy downpour turned to hail and wind gusts.  I called Sandy to see how the weather was where they were; she said there was some blue sky, so Jim and I headed off. Within 30 minutes it was clear. 

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