Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quack means Quack

In the last couple of days we've kayaked twice on San Angelo's Lake Nasworthy.  

Yesterday while on the lake, we saw white ducks creating a ruckus on shore.  One duck in particular was being chased. The chased duck finally jumped in the water; the chaser was right behind and they literally almost swam into my (Bev's) kayak. Then the duck in front started diving and swimming under water -- and these were white domestic ducks, the kind that normally don't do a lot of diving. The chaser started diving as well.  

When the chaser finally caught up with the chased, Jim got concerned.

Jim:  That one duck is trying to drown the other duck. 

Bev:   I think they're mating.

Jim:  Oh.

Finally Daisy swam fast and furiously until she was far away and the guys gave up.  But it was wild animal kingdom out there for a few minutes. I could have gotten some amazing photos if I hadn't lost my "boat camera," but that probably would have been an invasion of privacy.
No duck photos, but here's one Jim took that shows the lake level at Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo, Texas.  Jim read that the lake level is down about 50 percent and we've seen signs around town advertising a "pray for rain" vigil for this coming weekend.  A lot of folks have lake shore property here and boats in their back yards -- but they can't use the boats because the water close to shore is too shallow.

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