Monday, April 7, 2014

More Wandering in San Antonio, TX

Yesterday Jim and I scouted potential kayaking on the San Antonio River. The Riverwalk, which we visited in downtown Antonio and talked about on our last post, actually extends another 15 miles past parks, picnic areas, and historic buildings including those in San Antonio's mission area. If the weather is good tomorrow -- and we can find a place where I (not Jim; he always does just fine) can figure out how to get both me and my boat in the water -- that's where we'll be.

Today Steve and Norma took us to San Antonio's Pearl District, whose website calls it a "culinary and cultural destination."  From 1881 to 2001 it was the site of variously-named breweries, from Behloradsky to Pearl (at one time the largest brewery in Texas) to Pabst.  Pearl is now home to shops, restaurants, a year-round farmers market, and a culinary institute. The four of us wandered, bought a few things (well, Norma and I did; the guys just hung out and talked) and then went to lunch.

Later Norma drove us in an unexpected downpour to Central Market, a huge upscale grocery store where you can drink beer while you shop. We obviously are not in Kansas -- or Utah -- anymore.
A less urban part of the San Antonio Riverwalk not far from the city's mission area.
The Riverwalk and other parts of the city have a bike rental program called "B-Cycle."
Jim, Steve, Bev and Norma at our lunch location, a Pearl District restaurant called "Cured."  Notice the "double helix" necklace Norma bought at a Pearl shop.  As a molecular biologist, Norma thought it was very cool.  As someone with a BA degree, I just hope I called it by the right name.
None of us are huge meat eaters, so we weren't sure about eating at Cured, whose menu features sausage po boys, pork cheeks, whipped pork butter, etc, etc.  But our waiter, Mark (far left) was great and we all got the burger with onion jam. Very good.  Behind us are various slabs of protein being cured.
View through Norma and Steve's car window:  After a Texas downpour, cars to the right were driving in about 6 inches of water.
Jim and Steve wandering around San Antonio's Central Market drinking beer while buying beer.  Two happy guys.

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