Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kayaking on Prescott's Watson Lake

Yesterday we kayaked Prescott, Arizona's Watson Lake, which is a quarter-mile hike from Point of Rocks Camground where we are staying.  

The lake was created in 1916 when an irrigation dam was built across Granite Creek.  Per a sign we saw at the lake, the city of Prescott bought Watson Lake, nearby Willow Lake, and surrounding land in 1998 to preserve them as recreation areas.

The entire lake is a "no wake" zone which means no fast boats. It's also a no gasoline engines zone, which is good for fish and other wildlife and perfect for kayaking. We got in the water about 9 a.m., kayaked for three hours, and saw few fishing boats and or other kayaks until the end of our trip.

Granite cliffs surround the lake and apparently are popular with rock climbers.  I also read where the lake is the home of a local high school rowing team. Didn't see the rowers but the views were magnificent.
When we saw the view from where we put in the boats, all we could say was "Wow."
Two guys at the shoreline told us the water in Watson Lake had not been this high in 15 years.  Proving that the water is usually lower were these trees we kayaked around.
Cactus flowers near the shore at one of the inlets we explored. We have a view of blooms like these from our campsite, too.
I thought the top part of this rock looks like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, minus his hookah.
At first Jim thought the goose at the right of his kayak was approaching to chase him away.  Then Jim realized Goosie wanted a hand out.  I noticed the goose, pointed my camera and Jim said, "Hurry up or this goose is going to be in my boat."
Jim paddling around a rock island, with more cliffs behind it.
At the top left is a rock climber using ropes.
A view from Bev's boat.
Two mallards and a pekin duck pose near shore.
All the inlets and islands made Watson Lake fun to paddle.
In addition to inlets and islands, Watson Lake has big expanses of open water.  


  1. Bev, I do not know if it is your skill, the camera's technology, or the work of man and nature, but these photographs are spectacular.

    If not for Jim's known gentility towards our cousins further down the tree of life, I would have expected the next image to be of the roast goose dinner enjoyed at your campsite. That guy was easily within neck-wringing range!

    1. Thanks, Carl. This is a lovely, lovely place. Makes taking photos pretty easy. And the goose was not taking "no" for an answer.