Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Prescott, Arizona: Point of Rocks RV Campground

We are at Point of Rocks RV Campground four miles north of Prescott, Arizona.  What a lovely surprise.

Neither Jim nor I had been to Prescott before.  We are heading back to our home in Salt Lake City for a few weeks, Prescott is practically on the way, and we thought “why not?”

Now we are thinking “why didn’t we visit Prescott before?” 

We originally booked three days here. After we saw our campground, the nearby hiking and kayaking opportunities, and funky downtown Prescott, we paid for another three days.

More posts to come, I'm sure.
Our camping spot at Point of Rocks Campground in Prescott. We have a rock wall on one side of us, no one is directly behind us, and there are plenty of trees and shrubs between us and our neighbors on the drivers side. Not all camping sites are as private as ours, but we recommend this place.
The campground has two hiking paths.  One leads to nearby Watson Lake; the other is a hike through the rocks with a view of Watson Lake.  Here is Jim on path number 2.
The view of Watson Lake from the top of the rocks not far behind our campsite.

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