Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Prescott, Arizona: Kayaking Willow Lake

Saturday we kayaked on Willow Lake, which along with Watson Lake (which we paddled Thursday) was created by an irrigation dam. The two lakes are across from each other on Highway 89.

We didn't think Willow Lake is as pretty as Watson Lake, as it doesn't have as many inlets, islands and rock formations. But it still had plenty, and it's still gorgeous. 

Like Watson Lake, Willow Lake's water level is high. In fact, a woman we met on the water told us that last year she didn't even kayak on Willow Lake because it was too weedy to paddle. That sure was not the case for us. 

Both lakes have been designated "important bird areas" by the Audubon Society and support a lot of water fowl, especially during migration. And we did see lots of coots, ducks, a heron and an egret. A fellow kayakers also told us that last week he saw a turtle as large as his kayak cockpit, which is pretty darn big.
That's Jim and his kayak at the lower right. 
More clouds, more lake.
Even more clouds, more lake.
And more lake and clouds, this time with dissipating jet contrails and the tip of my kayak in the lower right.
A closer shot of some of the pinks, grays, golds and green colors in the rocks.
Several of the rock formations along the water had "hanging gardens."
I've got a food thing going on with the appearance of the rocks.  Some, like the one above, reminded me of cinnamon rolls.  Others looked like pull apart bread.
And these rocks looked ike that chocolate/cinnamon bread my brother Don and SIL Trudy sent us, don't you think Mom?
The man standing at the top right gives an idea of the size of the granite cliffs.
An inlet.
The city of Prescott is visible behind those trees, as is a corner of one of Prescott's landmarks: Granite Mountain.
I hope Scott and Karen were found and punished ... or are at least deeply embarrassed by their stupidity.


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