Monday, April 13, 2015

Staying out of the wind in Page, Arizona

It was windy, windy, windy all day last Wednesday, which was our last day in Page, AZ.  So we did a little sightseeing/picture taking, drove around Page, got some groceries, and Jim stocked up on beer since we're headed to Utah and Jim is not enamored of my adopted state's alcoholic beverage offerings. 

No kayaking, unfortunately, even though we can see beautiful Lake Powell from our campsite.  It was just too breezy.  Hopefully next time.
Our campsite at the Wahweap Campground at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  We've got a great view of lake Lake Powell.  When we got to our camp site early Monday afternoon there was hardly anyone in our section and our entire row was empty.  By the end of the day our section was full.  It's expensive here -- we paid $44 a day -- but OK for a short stay.
Glen Canyon Dam was completed across the Colorado River in 1964 and created Lake Powell by flooding the red/brown/beige/pink rocks of Glen Canyon. The lake is named for explore John Wesley Powell, who took an expedition down the Colorado River in 1869.
Bev on the swirly red rocks not far from a view of Glen Canyon Dam.  Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is comprised of 1.25 million acres set aside by the National Park Service in 1972.  
Jim did not go quite as close to the edge as it looks. The Colorado River is directly below him.
Glen Canyon is known for its dramatic rock formation. When John Wesley Powell explored the area in 1869 he called it "A curious ensemble of wonderful features." 
Cooper is 15  and doesn't hike with us anymore, but he did manage a stroll on Lone Rock Beach. That's the beach's namesake rock behind Coop.

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