Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brief burro

Jim saw his wild burro tonight. The burro was between our rig and a chain link fence that’s about ten feet away. Jim saw the burro through the rig's back window and then ran outside to see it being chased away by someone in a golf cart. The black and white animal was bigger than he expected -- more donkey or horse-like than cuddly-little-burro-like -- and had really long ears.  

I grabbed my camera and followed the burro/golf cart trail, but the burro was gone. Turns out the chaser was Diana, the Fam Camp manager.  She said this particular burro (who’d been leaving calling cards all over the campground) was big and mean and she’d been trying to get him to leave.  She said she chased him not only out of the campground but through a gate that put him off the base.

Jim said it kind of looked like the donkey in Pinocchio or maybe Shrek.  Bottom line:  it was a cartoon donkey/burro being chased by a golf cart.

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