Monday, November 11, 2013

Burros, Coyotes and Exploring

Last year we heard burros here at the Yuma Proving Ground.  Despite Jim's searching for them,  he never saw one in the flesh.  It looks like we won't see one this year either: Diana, the Fam Camp manager, told us that 14 burros were rounded up and moved from the Yuma Proving Ground just last week.

But apparently coyotes are around. Per Diana, a couple of boxer-type dogs were recently attacked and injured on the Proving Ground by a pack of coyotes. She urged us to keep Cooper on his leash, but that won't be a problem because he's almost always leashed. And unless he's with us in the car, he never leaves the rig after dark -- which is when the coyotes show up.

As for today's activities, we explored nearby Mittry Lake and visited a very tiny church. A couple of photos and a few details are below. We also stopped at a restaurant/ farm stand called "From the Farm" where I bought a date milkshake and Jim got a cookie. While I was waiting to pay, a woman behind me holding a variety of cookies started telling me how great the lemon bars are. Turns out she's the baker. She gave me a sample and she's right.  We'll have to go back.
  We want to do some boon docking (camping without electricity/water/sewer) at Mittry Lake, a nearby wildlife area managed by the both the BLM and the state of Arizona, so we scoped out the area for good camping spots near the water.  The big shallow lake will be fun to kayak. 
Here's a field of lettuce we drove by on our way to the farm stand.  I'm pretty sure this is butter lettuce.
And here's Bev in front of a tiny church in the middle of a farm field.   It has room for 12 slim-hipped worshipers to sit and I read that it was built by a farmer in memory of his wife.   I also read that visitors should beware of a nearby one-eared pit bull, but we didn't see him.  I hope the coyotes didn't get him.

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