Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yuma Day Two

Today is our first full day back at the Yuma Proving Ground's Desert Breeze Fam Camp. After breakfast and a quick work out at the base recreation center, we drove to town to pick up a prescription for Jim at Target.  I noticed that in a post I did last year, I said it was a 10-mile drive to Yuma from the military base.  Actually, it's more than twice that. Maybe Jim was driving fast and it only seemed like 10 miles.

While Jim got his prescription, I looked for a new pair of shorts. The thermometer hit 85 degrees today and it's supposed to hit 90 next week, but it is November after all -- so Target is selling mittens, winter hats, heavy leggings and almost no shorts except for a small display of Miley Cyrus-type pants cut barely below the butt and I just wasn't feeling it.

Next stop was our favorite Yuma restaurant for lunch:  The Pint House. Then we picked up some groceries.  By the time we got back to the base it was almost 6 p.m. and time for me to start reading and for Jim to see what was on TV.
Jim clearly misunderstood when I told him to go stick his head in the oven.  Actually, our kitchen faucet quit working. Here's my technical explanation of the repair job: Jim took apart the sink innards, determined something was clogging the line, and now it works.  That pretty much sums up Jim's technical explanation, too.
In yesterday's post I said I'd do a little catch-up posting because I skipped over a couple of places we visited before we got to Yuma.  Here's my two-cent review of Las Vegas:  We spent three nights at Sam's Town, a casino/hotel/RV park just south of Vegas.  This is the view out the back of our rig. We were tired, didn't feel all that well, and spent most of our time doing…well, really we didn't do much of anything except…

...On Saturday we wandered through the smoke and into the casino's sports area to watch Ohio State beat Purdue 56-0.  Just part of the televised events are shown above and included football, dog racing, and horse racing.  Sitting next to us was a guy we later dubbed "Drunk Uncle" (which will mean something if you watch Saturday Night Live, or if, in fact, you really do have a drunk uncle).  DU kept up a constant stream of comments aimed at the ten-plus football games being televised.  A few that I remember:  "Don't run into your player, run into the end zone, what are you drunk or something?"  "Marshall, Marshall, Marshall," and "How come you got Air Force on three screens?" (Good question, actually.)


  1. Glad to see you back on the road. I was getting cabin fever.

  2. Glad you dealt with that faucet quickly. Yeah, sometimes it's really as simple as a clog in the drain, and sometimes it's something else. In any case, there's always a bunch of remedies for this sort of thing.

    Jaye @ All Hours