Saturday, November 30, 2013

Football weekend

A guy at the T-Day dinner announced that a “jeep caravan” would leave for the desert at 9 a.m. today.  A bunch of folks from our section of the Fam Camp drove off just after the appointed time, so it seemed like a low key day for the rest of us.

Unless you were watching college football.

Last night Jim’s OSU (Oregon State) lost to Oregon (who just a few weeks ago was touted as possibly being the best team in the nation) by just one point -- 36-35. Jim is such a good fan.  Even though his team got the short straw, he thought it was a good game and that Oregon State played well.  It would have been better if OSU had won, of course, but Jim is more than a fair-weather fan.

Today we watched another one-point game when my OSU (Ohio State) beat Michigan 42-41. I could barely stand it and had to take a couple of timeouts of my own to go for a walk. One of our neighbors, Bob, was watching the game on an outside TV, so Bob and I had a football conversation every time I made a lap.   He was rooting for Michigan (but was later gracious about the OSU win.)  At halftime Jim and I walked over to the base rec center so we could exercise while watching on the rec room TVs. A heart monitor said my heart rate got up to 160 -- most likely because I was on a stair stepper, but it seemed like it was because of the game.

And then there was that Auburn-Alabama game. To quote an Alabama player whose lips we read:  OMG.


  1. Watch out. The SEC will be lobbying heavily to get a one-loss Auburn into the National Championship game over your Buckeyes. If the SEC can get Manziel and Newton off the hook while the NCAA lowers the boom on OSU and USC...............

  2. I was watching the game in Florida with your God Son. Took me about 15 minutes to get from the "I can't breath stage" to the "boy we creamed Michigan again stage". This is longer than my normal journey from reality to fantasy, but I got to the same place nonetheless. We were in an extremely pro SEC environment, so dispute all their whining about strength of schedule, it was a very enjoyable evening. Now if those pesky Spartans will just lie down like they are supposed to….