Monday, August 6, 2012

A market, a mansion, and a little Voodoo

Yesterday we took friends-visiting-from-New Jersey Patrice and Caroline to Portland’s Saturday/Sunday market where, amazingly enough, we ran into SLC friends John and Deb and sons, plus Steve and Norma.  Thursday when Jim, Patrice and Caroline and I were walking around Portland we ran into them at Powell’s Bookstore.  We obviously have similar interests.

After the market and a trip to Voodoo Donuts for Patrice and Caroline, we toured the Pittock Mansion. Penniless Henry Pittock crossed the Oregon trail in 1853.  In 1860 he became the owner of The Oregonian and married fellow pioneer Georgiana Burton.  Together they built an empire including their newspaper, real estate, banking, railroads and on and on.  They also help found Portland’s Rose Festival.

Then last night we went to the home John and Deb rented where we celebrated Norma’s 60th birthday; her husband of 36 years, Steve, gave a very touching birthday tribute.
Patrice and her beautiful daughter Caroline (Patrice's other 
beautiful daughter, Audra, lives in Baltimore) get a bite at 
Portland's Saturday/Sunday Market .  The market is a 
weekly crafts and food booths extravaganza.  Afterwards, 
Patrice and Caroline waited in the long line for a box of the 
famous Voodoo Doughnuts.  Among other flavors 
(I tried the mango) Voodoo offers maple bacon, oreo-topped, 
fruit-loop topped and lots more.
Patrice and Caroline in the Pittock Mansion's music room. Built from 1909 to 1914, the Pittocks used mostly Pacific 
Northwest  materials and craftsmen to 
build their home.  It featured progressive 
inventions such as central vacuum system, 
intercoms, and an elevator.

The Pittock Mansion. The last family members lived there 
until 1958 when it was put on the market.  Th empty 
building was damaged by a Columbus Day storm in 
1962 and fell into disrepair.  In 1964 it was purchased 
by the city of Portland and restored as a historic house 

Bev, Jim, and the view of Portland from the Pittock

Birthday girl Norma tries on her birthday ear rings.
Even though this is a lousy photo of newlyweds
Jeannine and Matt (I have to get a new camera
-- my digital takes lousy photos indoors, plus
all the action is one second or more later than
I want it) I wanted to use it because Matt is 

wearing a John Deere hat.  Matt's parents, 
John and Deb, have a great wedding day photo 
of themselves where John is wearing a similar hat.  
Ah, tradition. 

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