Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Oregon Coast Aquarium

Daughter Season, SIL Lee and kids Owen and Connor drove to Newport today from their home in Tigard, OR.  We met up at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, just a short walk from our RV park.  

You can view sea life from above ground and through underwater windows. We saw exhibits about the shoreline, sea lions, sea otters, crabs, seals, jellyfish and more.

Afterwards we had lunch at Mo’s, walked around Newport, came back to our RV for a bit, and then the kids had to get going as three-year-old Owen -- who was still being a very cordial little guy -- would soon be in need of a nap.
Owen and a swirl of fish.
Lee, Season and Owen at an exhibit where you can gently touch sea stars (we used to call them star fish) and sea anemones. 
Connor does the Usain Bolt lightening pose.
Looking for seals.
Both the boys seemed interested in Grandpa's beard.
Lee and Owen as seen through the jellyfish exhibit.

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