Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Even uneventful is good

My goal is to post something on our blog at least every other day.  If I don't, activities and days fly by and I can’t remember everything we did ... even if it was an uneventful day.  

Take yesterday, for example.  Patrice and Caroline went with John and Deb and family to the ocean, since (as Patrice jokingly said) she was giving James the driver (my Jim) the day off.   So Jim, Cooper and I took a walk at a park in Sellwood, which is in the very southeast corner of Portland.  Then we did four loads of laundry; I didn’t know we had enough clothing in the rig to create four loads of laundry.   Last night we took a walk near the Columbia River and looked at houseboats for sale --- we saw a small floating home for $130,000 if anyone is interested.  I'm intrigued, but I think we'll stick to the rig.  

Today we had breakfast with Paul at a favorite downtown Portland breakfast spot called Byways, took Cooper to the dog wash, and I visited a yarn shop because I want to relearn how to crochet, something I haven't done since 7th grade.
Jim on a pier in the Willamette River at the Sellwood Park, with the city of Portland in the background.
Bev and Paul after omelets.
Coop gets a bath.  The dog wash was "free range;" that is, other dogs were stopping by to check out our progress.
I've already made a mouse scarf.

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